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Learning While Doing

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TWPL Academy offers a combination of blending learning methods for optimal learning results. Blended learning uses mixed methods of delivery which include classroom or group working, workplace assignments, interactive workshops, online learning, personal mentoring and self-paced investigation and learning.

Many believe that the introduction of online learning will largely replace traditional learning methods and approaches to education. We recognise that there are different approaches to learning that complement each other for best learning outcomes.



Our blended learning solution offers the personal contact that people need to learn effectively while also taking advantage of online resources. Our rigorous but flexible approach to blended learning ensures that the learning outcomes are achieved and the resulting competences are not just ‘book learning’ but represent real insight and applicable skills.

Learning while doing

TWPL Academy takes pride in its flexible ‘learning while doing’ approach to work around existing work commitments and yet effectively transfer knowledge and new skills. All Academy staff have over 20 years’ experience in training shop floor craftsmen to senior executives, from half-day workshops to full masters degree-level programmes.

Online learning

Online learning forms part of many of our training programmes. We have custom-built online learning programmes for some of the largest companies in the world, and provide Webex-based remote support and coaching programmes.

Train the trainer services

TWPL Academy is also very experienced in building abilities to train others and spread knowledge and competences throughout large organisations.

More Information

For more information, please contact Luc Juffkins on + 44(0)1635 298800 or email