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The Woodhouse Asset Management Academy provides an extensive service in customising courses and developing bespoke materials. We have the capabilities to customise generic courses, or company specific examples and we have extensive experience of bespoke course development, often as part of significant transformation programmes.

We were recently commissioned by the IET to create a new online course designed to meet the learning needs of engineers across the world. The course, ‘Asset Management for Engineers’, takes the form of a modular online course that has been the product of an 18-month collaboration and is aligned to ISO 55000 standards for Asset Management and the Competency Framework and Asset Management ‘Landscape’ of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

Launched in June 2020 we were delighted to be involved in this highly interactive eLearning programme.

Keri Dickens, IET Senior Commissioning Editor, engaged us in 2018, having reviewed options and consulted existing Academy clients. She said: “Having established a market among the Engineering community for a specific Asset Management for Engineers online course, the Woodhouse Academy was an obvious partner and were highly recommended”.

Christine Leonard, University of Cambridge, provided one of the independent course reviews: “Their content is excellent, some of the best I have seen and it’s great that the 13 hours of learning can contribute towards the IET Continual Professional Development (CPD) hours”.

With the project underway, the Woodhouse team worked closely with the IET to select core concepts material and differentiated sector-specific case studies and bespoke content for the target audience and course scope.  This is particularly important when catering for a wide range of cultures, industrial contexts, and regulatory/commercial environments.

Luc Juffkins, Woodhouse Academy manager, led a 4-man team to design and build the training modules: “Together with the IET we have created a platform for IET members to learn Asset Management principles, the practical techniques and soft skills needed to raise standards in their organisations.”

Grace Phelps, IET Project Editor, added: “It was a pleasure to work with The Woodhouse Partnership… The quality of the content was outstanding, and they fully understood the presentation required to translate the material into our e-learning format. Communication was fantastic throughout from all members of the Woodhouse team and they were eager to review the material and seek improvements wherever possible. The collaboration between Woodhouse and the IET Academy has resulted in an excellent end product.”

Can we tailor make a training programme for you and your organisation? We would be delighted to discuss your organisations requirements further please contact us.

Further major organisations we have developed bespoke courses for include:

  • Sodexo (480,000 employees), we developed 18 learning modules, now rolled out in 9 languages in 21 countries.

  • GlaxoSmithKline developed 20 learning modules for their 2,000 sites worldwide, and similarly for Tetra Pak, in over 80 countries.

  • Developed and franchised ISO 55000 and Auditor training courses for British Standards Institution (BSi) worldwide.


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