Beyond competence:

How to achieve the Asset Management Standard of Excellence

The existing IAM Maturity model for asset management recognizes that there are big differences between the convergent phase to establish competence and higher levels that personalize and optimize the value opportunities.

The IAM 6-box model offers useful coverage and structure to attain the Maturity Standard of “Competence”. However, to attain “Excellence” is highly context-dependent and continually changing. The new 10-box model has been introduced to encourage a wider and more holistic consideration of context-specific capabilities and performance.
This course introduces the case for excellence and why reaching the higher levels of maturity requires different skills and an expanded view of asset management practices and integration.

Asset Management excellence can protect your brand and reputation from a lack of investment or maintenance.

concerns relating to service quality and sustainability can lead to substantial

Even a small improvement in Return On Net Assets can result in billions of dollars in additional value

  • The workshops will show why the 10-box model was developed.
  • It will show how the 10-box model can help organizations go beyond ISO 55000 to the optimum degree of sustainable value.
  • There will be practical insights into the updates and changes made to the existing model and how these can be applied by the individual to their organization to reach asset management Excellence.
  • It will include how to recognize what this means in their circumstances and the business case (or value opportunity) for delivering it.
  • An understanding and the ability to describe the new 10-box model and its purpose within an organization trying to achieve asset management excellence.
  • To be able to recognize the deliverables required for an organization seeking the excellent standard to demonstrate that it is achieving the performance it set out to deliver and the added value that is being realized.
  • An understanding of how to generate stakeholder engagement and align the excellent standard within an organization’s long-term strategy and objectives.
  • An understanding of how to plan the implementation of the 10-box model within the Organization’s Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP).

Participant numbers are typically limited to a maximum of 16 to ensure the most engagement and effectiveness. 

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