Corporate Training,
Development & Customization.

We have the capabilities to customize generic courses with sector, or company specific examples and have extensive experience of bespoke course development often as part of significant transformation programs.

We specialize in blended learning, combining general asset management understanding (through the IAM Foundation, Certificate, and Diploma courses) with subject-specific training, coaching and workplace mentoring.


Corporate Training & Development

Educating and training your workforce will result in higher productivity, motivation and better decision-making. In many cases, the Woodhouse Asset Management Academy’s corporate training and development programmes are self-funding through the problems solved during the process.

There are many people claiming to be experts in asset management, but few who can really show that they have what it takes to transfer that knowledge successfully and sustainably. We have an unparalleled track record of helping organisations to learn, grow and develop their own capabilities in their own style.

The Woodhouse Asset Management Academy covers the whole process of identifying priorities, clarifying the desired outcomes, providing the optimal mix of training content and delivery mechanisms, and ensuring that learning is effective, applied and sustained.

We can offer mixed-methods training and competency development programmes ranging from 1-to-1 personal mentoring to team-based coaching, formal education (with accreditation), online learning and customised, in-house course development.

‘Very informative and interesting course. (I) will take back knowledge into my day to day role’ 

“Presented in an informative, interesting way using real-life examples and humour”

What I liked most about the course was “the discussion and how this related to Network Rails operational set up directly”

Identifying and prioritising the needs

Benefiting from over 20 years of experience in multiple industries, cultures, and environments, our Academy has developed pragmatic methods for identifying existing competency strengths and areas of potential improvement.

We have a structured approach that integrates the best aspects of the IAM Competences Framework with a context-sensitive appreciation of organisational priorities, functional roles, competency requirements, and their criticalities. And, like all of our services, our model and elements are extremely flexible so they can be integrated with existing human resource systems and competency frameworks e.g. technical skills or managerial/leadership frameworks.

We can help you to sort out the priorities and scale of needs, using robust and transparent methods for identifying the gaps and determining their criticality. This provides a solid platform for planning the professional development programs and measuring their effectiveness.

The development and delivery of the learning to close the most business-critical competency gaps is the most important stage. This prioritization ensures that investment in training yields the best return, and also provides the individual learner with the most useful new skills as quickly as possible.

We also consider the best methods for the required learning. The Woodhouse Academy is uniquely experienced in the design, development, customization, and delivery of ‘blended learning’ programs for Asset Management, including the vital culture change dimensions.

“Good mix of technical and stories to help understand and imbed learning. Good balance of teaching and interacting. Good quality slides and material made revision easy”

“The course was interactive and involved participation – helped with the learning. It was good to be able to see where we apply some of the content and where we need to improve”

“Speed of course and content covered was spot on. Very relevant and thought-provoking – ideas to implement in my job immediately”

Bespoke Courses

The Woodhouse Asset Management Academy provides extensive service in customizing courses and developing bespoke materials and we have extensive experience of bespoke course development.

The Woodhouse Academy is also very experienced at customizing and building education programs that incorporate client material (e.g. case studies), house style or business processes. We can design and build courses jointly with the client or as an outsourced service provision – for classroom, online learning or ‘train the trainer’ delivery.

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We have developed bespoke courses for:

(480,000 employees), we developed 18 learning modules, now rolled out in 9 languages in 21 countries.

We developed 20 learning modules for their 2,000 sites worldwide, and similarly for Tetra Pak, in over 80 countries

We developed and franchised ISO 55000 and Auditor training courses for British Standards Institution (BSi) worldwide

Feedback from recent work with the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET)

Can we tailor-make a training program for you and your organization?

We would be delighted to discuss your organization’s requirements further please contact us.

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