IAM Certificate:
Compact revision course

Expert-led webinar support

This course provides compact revision of the five modules of the IAMs Certificate in Asset Management.

For those who have completed the Principles of Asset Management course and wish to revisit the content of IAM Certificate syllabus (Module1-5), before attending our IAM Diploma Conversion course or in preparation for the IAM Certificate examination. Especially suited to candidates who have allowed time to lapse between course completion and taking the exam, for those retaking the exam or those that for operational reasons were not able to attend every session. This course also offers students the opportunity to explore areas of the syllabus that they may consider themselves weaker in knowledge.

The course also offers expert led webinar support for those that have or are completing the IAM Certificate eLearning course.

The course is delivered by Woodhouse Academy tutors live in a virtual classroom to facilitate discussion and questions. This course is not a replacement for the Principles of Asset Management course or additional recommended reading.

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  • Revision of the overall IAM Certificate curriculum
  • Interactive discussions and explanation of key concepts and their practical application
  • Range of recent industrial case studies
  • Q&A sessions with world-class subject matter experts
  • Preparation guidance for IAM Exam (bookable and payable separately)


Webinar one (2 hours)

  • The Principles of Asset Management Module


Webinar two (2 hours)

  • Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Planning Module
  • Managing Asset Life Cycle Decisions and Activities


Webinar three (2 hours)

  • Assessing and Managing Asset Management Risks Module
  • The Financial and Business Impact of Asset Management

This course is designed for those revising for the IAM Certificate exam following either self-study or additional training previously received. The course is the most cost effective way to access Woodhouse world leading experts and to cover the IAM Certificate exam syllabus. It provides compact revision of the five modules of the IAMs Certificate in asset Management. The course is for those revising for the IAM Certificate exam, either first time or those retaking the exam or simply for those just looking for a refresher of the principles of asset management. The course represents great value for money for those looking to supplement their own self-study or previously received training.

3 x 2-hour virtual classroom, teaching delivered over three separate days, 2 hours per day

Final on-line IAM examination test registered and booked separately.

There are no entry requirements for the qualification and it is not essential to be an IAM member, however, registration with the IAM is required.

It is a 2-hour invigilated exam delivered online. It comprises 60 multiple-choice questions over the 5 compulsory modules. To be awarded the IAM Certificate, you will need to achieve an overall score of 65%, with a score of not less than 50% in each of the five modules.

The exam is available to purchase separately

Exam fees provide entry to sit the examination once. If you opt to re-sit the examination, the same fee applies to register and sit the exam again.

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