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As IAM endorsed training providers, the Woodhouse Asset Management Academy offers the necessary professional training to gain IAM qualifications.

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We are also an exam partner of The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and are able to offer online OnVue examinations following the training course enabling you to take the exam, where and when you are ready.

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This IAM Certificate training course provides an intensive coverage of the 5 modules of the principles and practice of Asset Management. The content is aligned to PAS 55, ISO 55000 and to the Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM) Competences Framework, with a view to preparing students to sit the IAM Certificate exam.
The integration of asset whole life cycle management, linked to the broader business vision and strategy of the organization is stressed throughout. It also provides a well-rounded competency development and assurance stage for those who already have practical experience, or specialist knowledge, and now seeking a more comprehensive understanding.
Participants will develop a business-centred appreciation of Asset Management and will be better able to influence decisions which have AM implications. Additionally, the course is deliberately cross-disciplinary, and should help to foster effective team-working and break down disciplinary silos.
The course is delivered through interactive classroom teaching, including reinforcing exercises and tests, supported by and directed reading.


This deep-dive course provides intensive coverage of the principles and practices of Asset Management for those seeking the IAM Diploma qualification in Asset Management. The curriculum covers the 12 required modules of the Diploma preparing students to sit the IAM Diploma exam and is also aligned with asset management standards (PAS 55, ISO 55000) and the GFMAM Asset Management ‘Landscape’.
The curriculum covers the fundamental principles and also the integration and effective implementation of asset management practices and systems throughout the organisation. It explores how organisational direction can be converted into specific asset management policies, strategies, plans and delivery activities that optimize performance and value over the whole life cycle. The supporting elements of leadership, competency, behaviour and culture are covered, as well as the necessary information systems, risk management, supply chain management and continual improvement processes. The role, elements and integration of the overarching management system are explained in detail, along with the processes of developing such systems and improving maturity and performance in asset management
Participants also benefit from access to the unrivalled Woodhouse Academy knowledge base and expert tutorial team, all of whom have deep first-hand experience of implementing best practices in a wide range of industrial environments.
The programme is suited to experienced practitioners with existing or recent industrial or infrastructure asset management responsibilities, who can relate concepts to their work environment.
The course is delivered through intensive, highly interactive classroom teaching, led by a subject matter expert who has extensive personal experience of implementing good practices.



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