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IAM DIPLOMA (part 1): virtual classroom course

March 7, 2022 – March 10, 2022 all-day
£2400.00 (Total price for Part 1 and 2*)
The Woodhouse Academy

Our renowned IAM Diploma course is now available ‘where-ever you are’. Hosted via webinar, our expert tutors will be delivering our IAM Endorsed Diploma training in a virtual classroom setting, offering real-time quality tutor-time with face to face engagement.

The course is held over 9 days over 2 week periods structured in 3 x 2 hour sessions allowing for breaks and lunch and hosted each day from 9am to 4pm (UK time).

Part 1 – Monday March 14th to Thursday March 17th (5 modules Principles of Asset Management (IAM Certificate)*)

Part 2 – Monday March 21stto Friday March 25th  (7 modules Advanced Asset Management)

*Price includes part 1 and 2. If you have recently trained for the IAM Certificate with the Woodhouse Partnership and passed the exam then there is the option to start the course at part 2. Please contact us for pricing and further information.


This deep-dive course provides intensive coverage of the principles and practices of Asset Management for those seeking the IAM Diploma qualification in Asset Management. The curriculum covers all the required modules of the Diploma and is also aligned with asset management stand-ards (PAS 55, ISO 55000) and the GFMAM Asset Management ‘Landscape’. Participants also benefit from access to the unrivalled TWPL Academy knowledge base and expert tutorial team, all of whom have deep first hand experience of implementing best practices in a wide range of industrial environments.
The course prepares students to pass the two-stage examinations for the Diploma qualification: these comprise 5 modules of Principles of Asset Management and 7 modules of Advanced Asset Management. The programme is suited to experienced practitioners with existing or recent industrial or infrastructure asset management responsibilities, who can relate concepts to their work environment.
The curriculum covers the fundamental principles and also the integration and effective implementation of asset management practices and systems throughout the organisation. It explores how organisational direction can be converted into specific asset management policies, strategies, plans and delivery activities that optimize performance and value over the whole life cycle. The supporting elements of leadership, competency, behaviour and culture are covered, as well as the necessary information systems, risk management, supply chain management and continual improvement processes. The role, elements and integration of the overarching management system are explained in detail, along with the processes of developing such systems and improving maturity and performance in asset management.
Award of an IAM Diploma in Asset Management requires:
 The ability to identify/use relevant knowledge, understanding and principles to complete tasks that are well-defined but non-routine and have some complexity;
 The ability to exercise autonomy or judgement within set parameters;
 An understanding of good practices and how these apply in a given context.
 An awareness of different approaches to asset management.
This course provides the educational content and practical application insights that enable students to meet these requirements and add value in their respective workplaces.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of AM policy, strategy, objectives and plans.
  • Participate in asset-related risk identification, analysis and management processes and contingency planning.
  • Understand the asset life cycle, value realisation and the role of appropriate tools to optimise the performance, risk and cost of assets.
  • Understand requirements for managing the implementation of asset management plans.
  • Identify the information and performance measures needed for effective asset management, and evaluate the effectiveness of asset information systems.
  • Understand the financial implications of asset and asset management decisions for the organisation and translate technical issues into business implications.
  • Contribute more effectively to change management, continual improvement and cultural development.


The exam is available to purchase separately (£350)