Different starting points,
different challenges
& priorities

Where are you on your
asset management journey?

Are you still working in departmental silos with competing priorities, with patchy knowledge of the assets?
Are you already on the journey to establishing a joined-up, systematic and integrated approach to asset life cycle management?
Perhaps you already have an established and stable governance system for strategic planning etc, and seeking where next to focus?


Our Getting Started range of education and training is geared to establishing a robust starting point and a solid foundation. We offer a comprehensive range of online and classroom introductory training to achieve alignment of understanding in the core principles, language, and asset management concepts. As a longstanding IAM Endorsed Trainer, the Woodhouse Academy provides experienced guidance to support you.

There is no other education and training provider who has the depth of subject matter expertise and real, first-hand experience of delivering successful Asset Management transformations

Integrating &

For individuals and organizations who want a joined-up approach to asset management where greater insight and understanding is needed. Education and training are available for individuals who have the responsibility for developing strategies and plans or are leading and facilitating improvement programmes to support the establishment of a joined-up and effective ‘management system for asset management. 

We have over 20 short courses which cover all asset management topics as well as offering blended and customized courses and training programs.


Optimizing Value, Continual Improvement

For those Seeking Excellence, we provide a different form of support, as what is desirable and what is achievable, are constantly changing. New technology, new ideas and changes in organizational context mean that every organization has to be forward-looking, agile, and be able to demonstrate that they are dynamically optimizing. 

We work at the front edge of research and development and thought leadership. With adaptive processes, unique tools, and world-leading educational resources, we can help you to help yourself. There is no shortage of individual subject matter expertise but very few like Woodhouse who have expert resources who provide real, in-depth guidance for joining them all together in an effective and sustainable way.

Course Matrix


Integrating &


1. Principles of Asset Management including ISO 55000

2. Technical Skills in Asset Management

3. Strategy, Planning and Decision Making

4. Investment, Decisions and Life Cycle Costing

5. Inspection, Maintenance and Reliability

6. Materials, Spares and Supply Chain

7. Asset Renewals and Life Cycle Extension

8. Criticality and Risk Management

Introduction to
Asset Management

Principles of Asset Management

Advanced Asset Management

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