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TWPL Asset Management Academy is at the leading edge in the delivery of asset management education and training, providing bespoke course development for leading industry multi-nationals globally.

Founded in 1995 by senior managers from Shell, Philips, MoD, AEA, Kvaerner and National Grid, TWPL has the longest and most respected track record around the world in training, coaching and mentoring people and organisations to better professional standards in asset management.

We been endorsed by The Institute of Asset Management, for professional asset management competency development since 2010.

Why Choose Us?

  • Have an unrivalled portfolio of  classroom courses.
  • We develop and deliver bespoke training 
  • Track record of providing the necessary training to gain professional asset management qualifications.
  • Our tutors has over 20 years’ front line operational and practical experience.
  • Leading edge involvement in development and definition of best practices, standards, education and accreditation.
  • Multi-industry, multi-cultural familiarity and experience in over 25 countries.

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