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How to achieve Asset Management Excellence

Asset Mgmt & Building Information Modelling)

"Excellent facilitator who made it real with real life examples"
"Despite the intensity, the course ran smoothly and didn’t feel exhausting – regular breaks, good content and good examples away from the slides"
"The course was interactive and involved participation – helped with the learning. It was good to be able to see where we apply some of the content and where we need to improve"
"Overall, loved the course. Content and Lecturer were excellent, really felt like I learned a lot"
Good mix of technical and stories to help understand and imbed learning. Good balance of teaching and interacting. Good quality slides and material made revision easy’"
"Direct relevance to job role, good examples, interesting lecturer"
"Thank you for being an amazing host for the IAM Certificate course! I really enjoyed the discussions and the pace of the modules, it really helped to better understand the concepts."
“The course met and exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with the way it has been delivered, materials, timing, style, etc, and definitely with a Lecturer like Gabriel Kirwan, nothing can go wrong.” Carlos Herraez, Principal Engineer, Rosen Group.
'Presented in an informative, interesting way using real life examples and humour’
‘Engaging course facilitator and relevant ‘real life’ experience’
Speed of course and content covered was spot on. Very relevant and thought provoking – ideas to implement in my job immediately’
‘Referenced real examples of how issues arise if not followed. Demonstrated simple tools for improvement’
"Very good interaction/ discussion between lecturer and delegates."
"Good mix of technical and stories to help understand and imbed learning. Good balance of teaching and interacting. Good quality slides and material made revision easy"
"Interesting course with strong theoretical grounding"
"Very good trainer, kept subjects interesting and made sure all attendees were engaged"
"Lecturer was very engaging and cited excellent examples from the real world"
"The delivery was very good, injecting life into a very dry subject"


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We were one of the first asset management training organizations to be endorsed by
the Institute of Asset Management for
professional Asset Management competency development.

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Getting Started

Do you need help in

  • Learning core concepts, practices
    and benefits?
  • Planning how to get started and
    prioritize the way forward?
  • Convincing sponsors and skeptics?
I&E Mountain no background

Integrating & Embedding

Do you need help in

  • Achieving a real transformation (more than just ‘gap analysis’ and road-mapping)?
  • Culture change: establishing the right values, behaviours and habits?
  • Benefits realisation: quantifying and
    demonstrating in hard numbers?
E Mountain no background

Seeking Excellence

Do you need help in…

  • Setting new targets: finding and adapting best applicable practices?
  • Real optimization: showing fully quantified, optimal life cycle value?
  • Innovation: breaking new ground and
    showing what is possible?

Meet our Tutors

Our tutors all have over 20 years’ first-hand experience and long-standing reputations as authorities in their fields. You will always have direct access to real experts.

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