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Educating and training your workforce will result in higher productivity, motivation and better decision-making. In many cases, TWPL Asset Management Academy’s corporate training and development programmes are self-funding through the problems solved during the process.

There are many people claiming to be experts in asset management, but few who can really show that they have what it takes to transfer that knowledge successfully and sustainably. We have an unparalleled track record of helping organisations to learn, grow and develop their own capabilities in their own style.

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TWPL Asset Management Academy's corporate training and development programmes are self-funding through the problems solved during the process.

TWPL Asset Management Academy’s corporate training and development programmes are self-funding through the problems solved during the process

TWPL Asset Management Academy covers the whole process of identifying priorities, clarifying the desired outcomes, providing the optimal mix of training content and delivery mechanisms, and ensuring that learning is effective, applied and sustained.

Where do we start

Robust and transparent ‘gap’ analysis: the Academy toolkit and expert assessors provide a scalable assessment method for quantifying existing strengths and weaknesses. We use The IAM Competences Framework (we helped to develop it), to ensure systematic coverage of required roles and appropriate competency elements. But we also go further still – with our extensive first-hand experience of managing assets ourselves, we can recognise the business context, constraints and sensitivities that are vital to add colour, priority and business significance to the findings.

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What should we aim for

It is impossible to address all challenges and fill all the skills gaps simultaneously. The TWPL Asset Management Academy staff will help you to shape a business value-prioritized roadmap towards a realistic maturity growth plan. This involves competency requirements profiling for specific roles and business processes and, in contrast to many training initiatives, we build in the self-sustaining elements of ‘train the trainer’ and other continuity techniques.

How do we get there

TWPL Asset Management Academy offer mixed-methods training and competency development programmes ranging from 1-to-1 personal mentoring to team-based coaching, formal education (with accreditation), online learning and customised, in-house course development. TWPL Asset Management Academy is also very experienced at customising and building education programmes that incorporate client material (e.g. case studies), house style or business processes. We can design and build courses jointly with the client or as an outsourced service provision – for classroom, online learning or ‘train the trainer’ delivery.

Experienced mentors, coaches and facilitators

All TWPL Asset Management Academy staff are exceptional – with deep subject matter knowledge gained from personal experience and a passion for teaching. You can find out more about our Academy Tutors here».

The experience of our clients says it all:

“I want to thank you for your assistance in helping me put together our training course, we all found it very beneficial. Richard’s delivery was superb and it was pitched at just the right level for the audience, I am sure now that we have lots of interesting areas to follow up. I particularly like how we were able to discuss and debate – and also, the ‘war stories’ and other real-life examples. This helped bring the material to life and allowed people to connect with it more easily.Matthew Davis, Centrica plc

“The work with TWPL has been a catalyst for strategic change within CLP, enabling staff to put into practice the principles learnt and it has also helped to position the company for the future.” China Light and Power, Hong Kong


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